In the Precinct

If you’ve found yourself asking “what can I do to make a difference?” you’ve come to the right place! Organizing a precinct takes a team and I need your help!

I’m looking for people who are optimistic and willing to do the work of talking to voters, collecting and verifying contact information, updating the database, hosting house parties, block-walking and much more.

Below is a general guide of how to set up a precinct team, as recommended by the Tarrant County Democratic Party. As of now, I am team of one! If you’re interested in helping out in anyway, even if your interests don’t squarely fit a role below, don’t be shy. Raise your hand! Send me a message! I would love to have you on board the team!

Keep an eye on the calendar — later this month (July) I’ll be having the first of many organizing meetings to get the ball rolling on the long term work of turning out the vote in 2354, making our voices heard, and changing out our representation!

Precinct Team Roles and Functions

  • Precinct Chair – that’s me! – Coordinates precinct team, represents precinct, serves as liaison with Tarrant County Democratic Party;
  • Data Coordinator – Precinct Voter Activation Network (VAN) specialist, distributes VAN lists to Block Captains, updates VAN lists with information collected by Block Captains, reports on team activity;
  • Voter Registration Coordinator – Focuses on in-precinct voter registration opportunities;
  • Phone Coordinator – Sets up and facilitates in-precinct phone banking;
  • Blockwalking Coordinator – Assists the Precinct Chair with recruiting and training Block Captains, uses phone banking results to plan block walks, distributes leaflets, yard signs, et cetera to Block Captains;
    • Block Captain – Contacts and organizes smaller groups of voters and volunteers, typically on their block and neighboring blocks, conducts block walks in their block area, assists other Block Captains with walks, reports on block activity;
  • Social Media Coordinator – Seeks to saturate precinct with SM messages;
  • FUN! Coordinator – Plans and executes periodic all-precinct get togethers; Makes the team welcoming and the work as fun as it can be;
  • Precinct Volunteer – Someone excited and wanting to get involved in any way they can.