Happening This Week – 7/23 to 7/29

You might’ve noticed there was no “Happening This Week” for the week of 7/16. I was dealing with some family issues and, as I am still a team of one, was unable to share with you the activities for last week. However, we’re back going strong now and here’s what’s coming your way this last full week of July 2017!

  • On Monday, from 7-9pm in Fort Worth, join John W. Duncan, candidate for Congressional District 6, along with Vanessa Adia (for Congressional District 12), Allison Campolo (for Texas Senate 10), and Nancy Bean (for Texas House 93) for Wine & Cheese with the candidates. Purchase tickets here.Screenshot 2017-07-23 22.52.39
  • On Wednesday, from 1-2pm in Midlothian, join Jana Lynne Sanchez, candidate for Congressional District 6, as she launches her Renewable Energy Policy (Energy Independence and Jobs platform). RSVP here.Sanchez 7:26
  • On Saturday from 1-5pm, learn how to improve your activism skills by attending Activism University, sponsored by the Tarrant County Democratic Woman’s Club. The seminar will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church located at 1330 South Fielder Road, Arlington, TX 76013.

Learn more about all the candidates for offices representing Precinct 2354 over on the Election Information page and check out other ways to Get Involved.

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