Meet the Precinct Chair


My name is Natalie Raulston and I have lived in  Precinct 2354 for over six years. Born in Dallas and raised in the north Texas area, I graduated from Rockwall High before continuing my education at Howard Payne University and The University of Texas at Arlington, earning a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Communication. After an eleven year tour serving a Member of Congress in both the district office and in Washington, DC, I currently work for the City of Arlington.

From an early age, I learned the importance of being involved in your community, helping those around you, and standing up for your beliefs by using your voice and yourScan (1) vote. The right to vote, and exercising that right, is something about which I am very passionate. In his first campaign for city council, a campaign built on plywood, spray paint,  and elbow grease in our garage, I watched my father lose by a margin of four votes, all the while listening to neighbors apologize for not voting because they didn’t think there was a chance they could change their representationHe won a few years later but it has always stuck with me the difference just a few people can make. The difference one person can make. 25 years later, this lesson hit home again in the recent election for Precinct 2354’s open city council seat, a race decided by just two votes.

What motivated me to serve as Precinct Chair is that it combines two of my passions: encouraging people to exercise their right to vote and making sure they are informed voters. I am excited about the opportunity to connect with the voters of this precinct and to connect them with the Democratic Party, to introduce all the great candidates who are seeking to represent the people of 2354 in various capacities, and to encourage you to vote and help make ensure that you get to the polls in any way that I can.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

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